The bride and groom were on the stage, receiving blessings, and then the moment came when all the lights were off and all the eyes were on the big screen at the center of the wedding palace. After a moment the screen got on and all people started looking at the screen and got mesmerized! Likewise, other pictures started coming up and all the guests present at the wedding were praising the couple again and again and the atmosphere of the wedding became a beautiful evening. This way we at Kartike Productions House make your wedding day memorable and beautiful by providing Best Pre Wedding Shoot in Delhi/NCR.


All these are the result of our Best pre wedding shoot which we are providing for the past couple of successful years and glorifying the occasion with a collection of some cute and lovely moments between bride and groom before marriage. These shoots also make the bond stronger between the bride and groom and give them the quality time needed 

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to spend together. These candid clicks which are must in any pre wedding shoot reflect the love between the couple.


Pre wedding photography is not just a part of photography, indeed a part of marriage which is incomplete without this. Like nowadays we can't imagine any wedding which does have pre wedding photos to show. We at Kartike Productions House deliver Best quality pre wedding photography in Delhi/NCR.

Pre wedding photography is not just clicking pictures of couples, it's about showing emotions about the bond between them which can last long for life. We at Kartike Productions House give you the lifelong memory of a pre wedding shoot.


We are a team with well-equipped professional equipment and use the latest technology to provide Best Pre Wedding Photography in Delhi/India. We have a very experienced team of Best Pre Wedding Photographers in Delhi which can give your photograph a beautiful experience so you can live your life back in your mind every time you see your pre wedding photograph. Kartike Productions House provides Best Pre Wedding Shoot experience at very affordable prices so as to make your experience great to a whole new level. We are proud of providing our clients with one of the Best Pre Wedding Shoots without making them spend a lot by providing our services at very affordable prices.

We also plan Best Destination Pre Wedding Shoot for you or you can have one Best Pre Wedding Shoot at our studio as well. We have the latest technology drone cameras and other advanced equipment to make your Pre Wedding Shoot experience great. We provide all our services at an affordable prices as well we are the most experienced and efficient pre wedding photographers in Delhi/NCR.

We provide Candid Pre Wedding Photo Shoot for the optimum level of satisfaction. Traditional photography where the bride and groom stare at the camera are old stories, now we have Candid Pre Wedding Shoot for you where you live the movement and we click your picture so you look like you lived the moments.