Product Photo Shoot is a crucial branch of photography as the digital era of E-Commerce has already begun. Hence there is a need for Best Product Shoot photographers to portray your products on the online and offline platforms so as to gain the attention of the customers. We at Kartike Productions House provide high-quality hassle-free product photoshoots in Delhi/NCR. We at Kartike Productions House have the Best Professional Product Photo Shoot Photographers in Delhi/NCR.

Kartike Productions House provides Commercial Photo Shoot, E-commerce Product Shoot, Fashion and Product Photo Shoot in Delhi/NCR. We provide our high-class product shoot services to manufacturers to promote and sell their products in the market. We have a fully qualified and skilled team of professional Photographers providing the finest quality of services in Delhi/NCR for a couple of years.


Kartike Productions House is one of the leading Product shoot providers dealing in all kinds of commercial product shoot assignments including Product photoshoot, E-commerce product shoot, Printed catalogues & Packaging Shoots including Design, Print and more.

Bottom Margin

We have a vast experience of handling every kind of product and capacity to execute bulk assignments of product shoot at an affordable price and finest quality. We provide Best Product Shoot which is simplified and meets your requirements and we offer comfort and quality at every step.

Our team comprises Best Fashion photographers, product photographers, designers, and image editors who work passionately to serve you the best in class Product Photo Shoot. We have the ability to team up and provide a creative vision to create fantastic and empowering product shoots.

We feel proud of ourselves for creating inspiring, and beautiful industrial imagery along with incredible feedback from our highly valued clients. We have been delighted to work with some greatest commercial brands.

Best Product Photo Shoot Services

Kartike Productions House provides a wide range of high quality product shoot services in Delhi/NCR at affordable prices. Some of our high valued product shoot services are:


Product Photo Shoot Services

We provide stunning high quality commercial product photo shoot services. Working as experienced commercial shoot providers, we regularly shoot for premium magazines and e-commerce sites. We clean and crisp images to grab the attention of the customers. Our services are available whether your products are large or small, we always produce stunning, eye-catching product photos.


360 Product Photo Shoot

 We at Kartike Productions House provide 360 product photos that spin all the way around perfectly to showcase the complete products online to its full potential. This Product Shoot allows your customer to fully know the dimensions and shape of your product so that they can relate to their needs and finally buy them.

Image Editing Services

We create stunning high-quality images with image editing services. We provide a range of product photoshoot services and professional image editing services to our highly valued customers throughout India. It includes image clipping, image resizing, background removal, and retouching of the photographs. Our image editing services deliver flawless results for digital and print applications.


Invisible Ghost Mannequin Product Shoot

Invisible ghost mannequin photography is a new level of photography which provides images for clothing items that look as if they are being worn by an invisible “ghost”. This is achieved by photographing the item on a mannequin and then removing the mannequin and other associated but not required items during post-production.